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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Football Tea Party

My husband plays fantasy sports. He is particularly into fantasy football, but to be honest, if they had fantasy midget tossing, he would probably have to think about it before declining.

Fantasy sports to me are like playing tea party. You pretend to manage a team, pretend to have a draft and make trades...each sunday you monitor your pretend team, in hopes of winning the pretend superbowl. So it's pretty much like a tea party.

Regardless, my husband has just called me at work to tell me that he has a pre-draft party tonight at a bar. He has known about it for some time. And truth be told, I have known for a while myself (one of my coworkers is in the league with my husband). The fact remains that he waited until approximately 2 hours before he was supposed to meet these guys to let me know.

Now, I don't really care if he goes or not. But I jokingly told him he couldn't go because I was implementing a new rule: if you don't tell me ahead of time, you can't do it. I was joking about this because my husbands Modus Operandi is to wait until the last second to tell me things so that he doesn't have to explain, argue or discuss anything. And this is actually a problem for me. Hence the joke about the new rule.

The conversation was as follows:

W: "you are not going tonight."

H: "what?"

W: "I am implementing a new rule: if you don't tell me about it ahead of time, you don't get to do it."

we are both laughing....

H: "ok, but for now how about this rule, I worry about me and you worry about you"

W: "no. that rule went out the window when you showed up on June 4th at the church"

And so we went round robin for a while.

He will probably go, we both know he doesn't need my permission, but if I pushed it, he would probably not go.

A good wife wouldn't push it right? Well, I'm not that good at being a wife yet, so I'll let you know how it turns out.


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