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Monday, August 22, 2005

Back on the Bandwagon

After a temporary rest stop, we are back on the wedding bandwagon!
My sister-in-law got engaged this past Thursday! I am so excited for her. I am also excited that I have someone to give all that bridal crap to! Yeah!

When you get married, you not only become someone's wife, you become someone's daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and part of the fabric of another family. This is almost more daunting than becoming a wife.

For me, I married into a great family. But I married the only son in the family, and he has two sisters. I never had a sister, so this is a double edged sword. I love having sisters. And they are both really good to me, they really include me as part of the family. But no matter how close I am to them, they are always going to be closer to each other. It is too much ground to cover to catch up...not having grown up together.

Which is fine, after all, my husband will never be as close to my brother as I am. But there is something different about sisters. You need to have one in order to understand the dynamic. And I don't have one. So I am routinely baffled by their bond.

For example, if I tell one sister something in matter what they swear on that they won't tell anyone...they always tell the other. This is something you can't help when you have a sister. I did not know that. Now I do.

So when the youngest one got engaged, I was so happy for her...I just was so excited. I talked to my husband non stop about it. (He was not so happy that his baby sister was engaged, but more on that later). It was like my sister had gotten engaged.

At the party for the engagement on Friday night, I squealed and hugged her, ogled the ring, gave her a small book on weddings and smiled pretty much all night at how happy she was. When the older sister arrived, I grabbed my neice, kissed her and held her, talked excitedly to my older sister-in-law about the upcoming wedding. I felt like I was just another sister.

But to tell you the truth, there was a point when the older sister said to the younger one "Promise you won't look at a single dress without me." and the younger sister promised. And I thought...I wish I had a real sister. And then the younger sister turned to me and said "and I won't buy a dress without you." which referrs to my incredible ability to haggle. And it occurred to me that I do, I have two if they would just gain a little weight...

(The Sisters)


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