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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Weekend O' Cousins

I am going to admit up front that I love Cousin's Weekend. What is cousin's weekend you may ask? Well let me tell you...every labor day weekend all of my husband's cousins and their significant others and children get together at a beautiful shore house in Avalon owned by one of the cousins. And...drumroll please...compete in COUSIN OLYMPICS.

It would be impossible to fully describe cousin olympics and capture it's true vibe. Suffice it to say that it is a series of competitions (each couple must bring an event and a prize for the event)that everyone bitches and complains about, but secretly loves.
For example, we do Potato Sack Races:
And I don't know what this is called, but you run with a water balloon between you and your husband/fiance/boyfriend...
And in general there is alot of revelry. And while everyone publically complains about participating, once it gets rolling, MEMORIES ARE MADE!

While the Olympics are the main attraction of cousin's weekend, what really makes it is the motley crew that comprises the cousins. I couldn't describe all the personalities involved if I had endless time and space, but they contrast and compliment each other and their differences is what makes them hilarious. So hanging out with them all is kind of an adventure.

Plus...the babies! We love the babies! Now, we have quite a few of the next generation, and WE LOVE IT!!!!

Our Neice at the Beach! Cute as button!
Although, our fabulously hip cousins' baby gives the neice some serious competition...I would have more pictures of them both, but they were so cute we ate them about 5 minutes into the weekend!

Traditions are what make a family, a family. And I like the tradition of cousin's weekend olympics (just don't tell anyone).


Blogger undercover celebrity said...

Ok, so I may be a bit obsessed with your blog. I just LOVE your writing and subject matter.

But...Cousin Olympics... this puts you over the top.

I totally grew up having a Cousin Olympics -- every summer. It was so much fun. It never occurred to me to have cousin olympics as an adult. (oh my gosh, am I an adult?)

It's so much more fun than calling it a family reunion!

4:53 PM  
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