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Friday, December 16, 2005

Check it: Newlywifed gets down with the legal peeps

What I was wearing: Black and white tweed pants, a black sueded velvet blazer, white button down, and Charles David black wedge heels with a Mary Jane strap.

My Hair: Straight and silky, tucked behind my ears, neat and long (my hair is to the middle of my back).

My Makeup: Conservative, pretty, well put together.

Glasses instead of contacts.

Coach briefcase, Dooney & Bourke Tote.

Pearl necklace and earings.

In short, I was a conservative, yet hip young lawyer. Ready for battle. I looked sharp, if I do say so myself (since usually, I am running out the door, hair curly looking suspiciously like I was raised by wolves, in an outfit that screams "Frumpy")

And then this happened:

We started argument, the judge was asking questions. I was in the zone, replying with great deference to the court. The judge asked opposing counsel if they had notified me of a previous issue, and opposing counsel said "yes,your honor." He had definitely not notified me, and we had specifically discussed 5 minutes before being called by the judge that I had not been notified. I was outraged

I responded looking straight at the other attorney: "DUDE, I was never notified of that issue and therefore object on the basis of unfair surprise. Should your Honor request, I would be happy to brief the issue and present it on a later date convenient to the Court."

That's right, I used the term dude. Not sure why. I don't really utilize dude in my everyday conversation and vocabulary...but in court, before a judge...yeah, ummm...I will not hesitate to drop a 'Dude' if need be. You do not want a piece of this. Trust me.

So the lesson here: If you get all up in my grill and spoutin' ills, I will be rockin' the legalese in the hizzouse, and all the shorties be screamin' my name out. So if you thinks you can step, Bring it.

I don't even know what I just said. I do know that the judge politely ignored the fact that I said 'dude' in an oral argument before the bench, and admonished the other counsel for failing to properly notify me of his intent to present the issue.

Most days, I am amazed that people actually pay me to represent them. But some days, it just plain scares me.


Blogger Carolyn said...

That is so funny ... IF I pass the LSAT, and IF if get into law school, and IF I actually pass the bar exam and IF I actually get hired somewhere, I'll have to remember what words get the judge on my side. DUDE!

6:38 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

DUDE, I am totally hiring you man, to totally repreSENT, ya know? Werd. (Well done!)

9:57 PM  
Blogger undercover celebrity said...

Hilarious. I didn't know you Jersey-types said "dude" :)

ps - your outfit sounds so cute

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anne Glamore said...

I think that rocks! That's so totally the way to argue!

2:11 PM  
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Blogger rebcram said...

This is totally something I would do! (well, if I were a lawyer.) Saying "dude" to a judge, though... I almost just spit out my coffee.

12:11 PM  
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