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Friday, September 16, 2005

What Model Did you Buy?

The article in the photo above was on the home page of today. Of course I can't find it, but just yesterday they had the same article invloving cars: "Did you buy safe...or sexy?"
I married the Volvo C70 of men: Impressive design and high safety rank. Please ladies...didn't you read consumer reports before saying "yes"?

If we learn nothing else from the good people at Volvo, let it be that 'sexy' and 'saftey' are not mutually exclusive terms.

Seriously though. Who thinks in these terms? What wife is sitting out there thinking "yeah, I married sexy...he's likely to leave me in a week, and clean out our bank account, but damn! He is fine!"? Or alternatively, what ringed woman is thinking to herself "Terrorists, man might not be much to look at, but he is saftey central. His fugly face could scare away danger itself."? That is the dumbest question I have ever heard. What the hell is the matter with MSN? I am switching to yahoo.


Blogger karla said...

You know what's crazy--I have a friend who does think like that. Years ago she was dating this super hot guy who was a total dick to her. I mean, he was just rude and insensitive and treated her like she needed to work to deserve him. And she knew it--and I used to ask her why she stayed and her quick answer was "He's HOT!" But they stayed together for years...not just a quick fling. I said "One day he'll be old and unattractive, and still a jackass, and you'll have wasted your best years with him," to which she replied, "No, older men can be attractive; he'll age well." She was just counting on him to always be hot.

Of course, they eventually broke up, but her line of thinking still shocks me.

4:34 PM  
Blogger undercover celebrity said...

I am cracking up that the semi-retarded folks at MSN apply the same logic of car buying to marriage. Clearly written by a divorcee going through a mid-life crisis.

5:14 PM  
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