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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Arrival

Alright. I realize that most new moms are able to pull it together quicker than I, but in my defense...

This child does not let me put her down.

And in her defense, I really didn't put her down for the first ten days and can you blame her for getting used to being held? So draw your own conclusions as to who to blame for the lack of posting around here.

She is beautiful, and I have many a funny, sad, heartwarming, scary, wonderful story to tell about motherhood, and my entry into it. And I want to tell them keep a great journal so she can look back and read it someday and get a feeling of what it was like for me. (or, she could do what her dad did after I chronicled the first year of our marraige with the same purpose-ignore its existence entirely, and not read it at all...) Whatever, I'm not still bitter. Let's move on.

First thing is first. I totally didn't go into labor! She just wouldn't come out. I have no idea what a contraction is like...but before you go getting all jealous, please note the following two words: EMERGENCY C-SECTION.

So remember I told you I was going to get my fluid checked on Monday, September 10th? And if it was low, then on Tuesday, the doctor would talk to me about my options regarding inducement. The key to remember here is that I was getting the fluid checked on MONDAY, and we were discussing my options on TUESDAY. So you could see how one would assume that on MONDAY, we were just checking fluid, and not doing anything regarding any options...because we were saving the option portion for TUESDAY.

On Monday morning I told my husband not to come to the ultrasound to check the fluid. It was a court day for him, and he really couldn't miss it, particularly because he was on the verge of taking several weeks off once baby butterman arrived. And this is the story of how my husband missed the single most important appointment I had the entire pregnancy, after attending every appointment, no matter how insignificant, for the past 9 months. Ohhhh, the irony.

So I went to the ultrasound with my mom, and was told "Go up to labor and delivery, you are going to have a baby!"


Ummm, my husband isn't here...

Thankfully, the inducement process takes some time, and he was able to get there within 3 hours. THAT'S RIGHT...I SAID 3 HOURS. I think my mom summed it up best when she likened him to the Slowski's (the Comcast turtles from the commercial). Anyway, they gave me some cervadil to soften the cervix and ready me for the pitocin, which they would administer 12 hours after the cervidil was in. So my husband's 3 hour arrival time didn't end up mattering.

We were in this great birthing suite with a flat panel tv, movies, games, internet. It was great. We amused ourselves for a few hours taking video of me dancing (when the nurse let me get out of bed to stretch my legs), and watching tv. But all the while, I kept praying...please don't let this baby be born on September 11th. And the doctor kept saying...The baby will probably be born on the 11th because of the length of time inducement would take (I didn't get to Labor and Delivery until about 3 pm on the 10th).

At around 9, the nurse told me it looked like every mild contraction registering on the monitor coincided with a drop in the baby's heart rate. At 9:30, the doctor confirmed that, and started telling me I may have to have a c-section. At 9:31, I was telling the doctor that I really didn't want the c-section...REALLY DIDN'T WANT IT, and would only do it as a last option.

At 10:55, the doctor said he was recommending a c-section. I had not dialated at all, and my cervix had not thinned. The baby's heart rate was too low with every mild contraction on the monitor. My husband and I didn't want to agree, so we asked for 5 minutes to discuss it (there was a proposal of doing something else that was a longshot, and in the doctor's opinion a complete waste of time). At 10:59, we decided to do the longshot option, provided it was safe for the baby.

At 11:00, the doctor and 10 nurses rushed into the room, pushed my husband out of the way, and started telling me the decision was no longer mine, the baby was in trouble and they needed to get her out. An anethesiologist began asking me questions about allergies, the doctor was doing an internal exam, someone was drawing blood, and another nurse was trying to get an IV in my hand. I looked past all of these people and saw my husband in the corner...holding a pair of scrubs to his chest and looking for me in the middle of all the commotion.

And the sound faded away in the room, and all I saw were his blue eyes, and the fear filling him up. In that moment, I became a mom.

I looked at the doctor and said "okay, let's get Butterman out" and buried all the fear rising inside. Then I looked back to my husband and smiled to let him know it was fine. This was going to be fine. Nothing was going to go wrong, and I was fine. "Call our parents and tell them to get over here, we're having a baby" I said.

And then they wheeled me out of the cozy, plush birthing suite to the Operating room. Without my husband. The hardest moment in our marriage was watching him still standing there, scrubs still clutched to his chest, as they wheeled us apart.

"Why isn't my husband coming? On A Baby Story, the husband always stays with the wife..."

"This isn't A Baby Story honey, he'll come in right before we start."

Which was just as well, because I really was scared, and I didn't want him to see. I needed him to be okay, for this not to ruin the birth of his first child. And after about 10 minutes, he walked in and sat by my head on one side of a curtain barrier.

"Are you okay?" I asked him, trying not to sound scared for his sake. "Yes, are you okay?" he asked me, trying not to sound scared for my sake. "I'm fine. We're having a baby." and we both smiled at each other.

By 11:34, we had a daughter. She was born on September 10th. And she was absolutely perfect.

The Doctor yelled to my husband: "If you want to see Dad, now is the time." and my husband stood up and looked over the curtain to see her be born. Through tears, he said "she's beautiful, it's a girl" to which I replied "NO, IT'S NOT!" and he said "yes, honey, it is." And I said "No, It's NOT!" and the doctor said "actually, it is..."

Then I put my head back and said "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" It had never occurred to me that it would be a girl. But I got a two second look at her before they took her away, and I was in love. The way a mother loves her child. The kind of love that defies words.

She was born on September 10th, but emergency c-section. And she was everything I ever wanted.


Blogger Cindy said...

Great birth story. Thanks for sharing.

5:19 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

oh I love this. And I'm teary eyed, cause I remember the fear, and looking at my helpless husband and thinking that in all the world, I wouldn't want to be the one helplessly watching.

Welcome, again, Katherine Grace. Thanks for sharing this, Newly. I still wish I heard it over a cup of ...well, something good, on your porch while I totally tried to steal your new child, but I love the story any way I can get it.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Marcy said...

Oh my god, I'm such a sap, sitting here crying after reading your post! (what did it was the moment you said you looked at your husband, and became a mom)

MY friend had a similar experience to you. She was 1-2 weeks late, went in for a check-up, and they told her that a) baby was breech and b) she had no fluid left, so off to c-section they went!

I'm glad your little one is safe, sound, happy, and that your little family is complete. =)

As for recording the little moment of mommyhood, Heather at writes a monthly newsletter to her daughter, complete with stories and pictures from that month. Seems like a great way to make yourself write those things down before you forget, with a good deadline each month. =)

5:12 AM  
Blogger Clearlykels said...

I'm impressed that you've already recounted the birth story. That is awesome. What a wonderful time. It was a bit scary, but still amazing.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Ok, wow! I'm so happy that the story ended with a happy ending, but I'm deep into Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy and my mind was racing through the 'what might have beens'. I'm so glad there were no 'what might have beens' for you & your hubby, and that baby Katie is happy & healthy.

Now, go put the baby down before you hit the point of no return! That's what baby swings and bouncers are for and you're going to pay a very dear price if you don't train her now... Trust the mommy of 3 very different kiddos :)

9:29 AM  
Blogger Pixiepurls said...

Oh congrats, dont worry about having held her so much. Our baby girl slept in the basinette perfectly from day 1 until week 3 at which time she decided if I put her down when she was sleeping she would wake up right away and cry/scream desipte 3 weeks of perfect behavior.. I would feed her, she would sleep, place in basinette for 1 to 2 hours of sleep.. I thought life was GOOD and assumed it would stay that way.. one day she decided not lol.

11:19 AM  
Blogger undercover celebrity said...

Aaawwww, chills. Chills and tears. Tears and chills. What an absolutely perfect story. All of the complications, the disbelief -- and in the end you have your perfect little family filled with love for sweet Katie. More than anything else I've ever read, I am looking forward to the many tales to come of Capers with Katie :)

12:11 PM  
Blogger SneakyPeek said...

What an interesting story!!!

Everyone's birth story is so unique, yours too and so SWEET!

I'm glad it all went ok and I'm so Happy for you!!!!


6:49 PM  
Blogger ami_girl_18 said...

What an amazing story... I got teary eyed. I found your blog a couple months ago and have been following it religiously. You are a fantastic writer

9:46 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I remember having the c-section discussion with my husband, too. It was such a hard decision, but the best one in our situation, too. And I could totally relate to the fear. My husband told me years later that that was the most scared he had ever been. But I never would have guessed at the time.

My first son wanted to be held all the time, too. And he's still a snuggler at 8. I think it's a personality thing.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Desiree said...

Oh man, I'm teary eyed now.
I totally understand. Once you look at them, their little faces, so much love just rushes into your heart, its freakin' amazing.
I was in labor 16 hours, and was exhausted, but after meeting my little man, I didn't sleep for 2 days!
Congratulations :)

5:24 PM  

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