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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I spent the summer between college and law school interning for then Vice President, Al Gore. It was the summer of Monica Lewinsky so although I was supposed to work at the actual White House...when I showed up as a 22 year old brunette who was relatively attractive, I was banished to the Old Executive Building. Que Sera Sera.

I say all this to lay a foundation, which is that I got to meet the Vice President and the Clinton's at numerous events. I worked closely with people who worked closely with them...and I can tell you that whatever you think about the Clintons, when the dust settles, their policies and positions support the downtrodden, the poor, children, and those who usually don't get a voice. With regard to their policies, I have to say: They are the real deal. Truly.

She is a polarizing figure. But I don't really get why. She isn't a hateful person, she doesn't espouse hateful things. Why does she inspire so much hate then? No one has ever given me a good answer. My husband claims she is too harsh, too aggressive, that she is a political machine that runs down whoever is standing between her and the prize she covets.

Really? I asked for an example of something she did, that another candidate had not. I haven't heard one yet. And frankly, she may be aggressive. But she is a woman who has been the target of people out to literally destroy her and her husband for years. I think anyone attacked that way would come out swinging. The fact that she survives at all earns my respect. What has she done that is so hateful? What has she done to deserve it?

I voted for Obama. I voted that way because despite her obvious qualification for the job, despite having a daughter and wanting her to see a woman president, despite actually liking her, I think it is time to put the vitriolic politics to bed in this country. The thing is, she is a victim of this rather than a creator of it. She should be our next President. She has every right to it. But Obama represents a message of hope, one our country needs right now. He will be able to unite the country and gain back some of the shine we have lost under our current President. I agree with that, and it has been my husband's pitch for so long, that I finally caved into it.

So instead of building up and supporting a fellow woman, one that is qualified in any reasonable sense of the word, a woman whose policies mirror what is important to me; and instead of voting for a President that would help my daughter grow up never thinking twice about a woman as President...well I let my husband sway me a little. I voted for Obama.

When I stepped out of the booth last night after hitting that button, I looked down at her bright little face and couldn't help feeling that I had let her down. That we are letting our daughters down.


Blogger Sara said...

Delurking to say that was a very poignant post. I'm currently expecting our first, and it's amazing to me how much more invested I am in our country and its future. Thank you for your insight.

11:57 AM  
Blogger Pixiepurls said...

I will not vote for a women just BECAUSE it's a women, I voted for Obama. For me HIllary is too caught up in political drama and all that stuff. She was married to a president, does that make her qualified to be a president? It gets blurry to me, i would have rather the first women running be someone without such close and confusing ties to the white house.

I want change, I want fresh, I want new. While hillary may be qualified she has the stigma of the past on her. My mother once said, don't hold what her husband did against her, hold it against him. It was a great point, but then after I got over that part of it, I realized I liked Obama better. Hillary doesn't inspire me. I've never wanted to vote for anyone. I voted inthe last race, and I didn't really like anyone and went with the "lesser of 2 evils' and who I voted for didn't win anyway. This time I LIKE who I voted for, and thats the difference for me this year.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Texas said...

I think your comments about wanting to put all the negativity behind and help the country move forward show that you made the right decision. She would be a great president if left alone by the media and Republican Party. But we all know that wouldn't happen- she would spend 4+ years fighting a battle that a President really should not have to fight, all the while taking away from what she is/should be doing. I think your daughter will be proud of you for not being blinded by idealism to the detriment of an intelligent decision.

Long comment short, I am in the same boat as you with the some opinions and will be voting for Obama. I'm just excited that the Texas primary will finally count for something!!

9:18 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I think we're destined to be friends, for realsies.

Ohio is about to get bombarded with ads and visits. Our primary isn't until March. I am ready to listen to both of the candidates, but my heart is already with Obama. It isn't that Hillary is brash or off putting, it is that Obama while green, is giving us something other than the same old Washington BS.

12:32 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

I am so staying out of this one - we'll have to stick to talking about football, girl!

9:05 PM  

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