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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Eyesight is Priceless

We have not been to the eye doctor in over two years. Yes. We are those people who don't go to the doctor/dentist/opthomologist until we are missing a limb/a tooth falls out/are blind with pinkeye.

My husband currently has a mild case of pink eye. This is the thrid time in about a month. The doctor might think this is linked to something wrong in his tear duct...if we had consulted a doctor. We have not. We don't put alot of stock into medical training. "them thar doc-tars don't be knowin' ever'thing." No one knows your body better than yourself, so we diagnosed the problem together. Turns out that he has been wearing the same pair of monthly contact lenses for over 4 months now. So that's probably it...right? We should have been doctors...

So my husband put his foot down last night and told me he is making eye doctor appointments for both of us. (I am equally overdue for an appointment and am running out of daily contacts). One might think that the pink eye finally got to him. One would be wrong. Turns out he couldn't see clearly out of one of the contacts during his soccer game Sunday night. So off to the doctor we go...I mean pink eye is one thing, but not being able to move the ball up the field is something he just isn't able to live with.

Did you know that advance appointments are recommended? There are apparently people all over this great country of ours who make appointments for their next exam while at the exam immediately preceeding it. Republicans. The doctor couldn't get us in for checkups for another two and a half weeks. This is too long for my husband as there are two soccer games scheduled between then and now (not to mention the pink eye has swollen his left eyelid closed). So he pled with the woman, who told him she would check and call back.

In the interim, he called me at work to give me the scoop on the developments. While on the phone with me, his cell phone rings. He tells me to hold on while he answers it-it's the doctor. I listen while he talks to the doctor's office on the other phone:

"Yes, Hello"


"Oh, alright, we'll take it"


"ummm, well, we'll have to fight it out, but one of us will be there"


"Ok, thank you"

Then he hangs up and comes back to the phone I am on. They have one opening for later this week.

I ask him why does he even pretend with the doctor's office that there is a possibility that I would take the appointment? He has no answer, but weakly offers the appointment to me. As if. I don't play soccer, so I can wait.


Blogger undercover celebrity said...

Mark is completely the same way. Refuses to get medical insurance, therefore he won't go to the doctor. I think it's an ego thing -- doesn't want to admit that someone may know something more about him than he does.

But he recently bought a lake house and we've been wakeboarding most weekends. A few weeks ago he hurt his shoulder. Will not go to the doctor. Should gets worse. Will not go to the doctor. Realizes that he can no longer wakeboard with said bum shoulder... finally he's considering medical insurance. Boys.

5:25 PM  
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