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Monday, September 26, 2005

Under the Weather

I am just getting over a bad cold. I spent most of the weekend laying about the house, complaining how cold it was and sucking down what I am sure is over a gallon of orange juice. And in my fever enduced haze, I fell in love with my husband all over again.

It really was a bad string of days. I had gotten some upsetting news from my parents and was stressed out about it. The next morning my upper back was so tensed up with spasms I could barely move, and by the end of the day, I was sporting the oh so chic sweaty fever where your hair is matted to your face look.

The fever and cold got worse on Saturday and Peaked on Sunday. My husband had an eye doctor appointment on Saturday morning and didn't roll back in the door until seven hours later due to a flat tire and an unwillingness to call AAA. It didn't really matter anyway since I was pretty much in a Nyquil coma for most of the day.

The picture wasn't pretty folks. I didn't take a shower from Friday morning until Sunday night...and whatever you are imagining was ten times worse. I was not at my best. But he was. He was a trooper. He let me sleep on him, and got me whatever absurd mixture of juice I asked for. He went out for ice cream, and when Football came on....well alright, when football came on I am pretty sure he timed the medicine so I would be asleep for most of the game...but he was sweet.

And throught the Robitussin and Zinc and constant napping, I felt better just because he was there. Just having him near me. And I thought, that's real marraige. It isn't the moments that you smile for the camera and put in a photoalbum, although those are great. It isn't the birthdays and celebrations. It's the all the moments between the ones in a photo album. It's when he walks in the door after work and hugs me, or the mornings I coax him out of bed. It is when he reminds me to put my seat belt on, or when we laugh at our neighbors. Marraige is being at your best so you can help your wife when she is at her worst. And while it would be nice to have every moment be right out of "When Harry Met Sally", I'll take reality any day. Because it is the moments when he puts his cheek on my sweat soaked forehead to confirm my fever (even though he doesn't believe I have one) that I cherish more than anything.

He is my greatest blessing and I am the luckiest wife in the world.


Blogger undercover celebrity said...

So sweet. Ok, it's confirmed, he's a doll.

5:27 PM  
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