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Monday, March 17, 2008

Six Months! Half a Year!


Each month I proclaim to daddy that "yes, this month is my favorite so far." And each month, daddy agrees. What I'm saying here is this: Kid, you just keep getting better! I mean, it sounds so cliche, but just keep getting better and better. And the love! It is a total love fest with you. Eventually, it has to wear off, we can't keep looking at each other and announcing how beautiful you are. I'm pretty sure after your baby reaches a certain age it would be plain obnoxious to keep talking about how beautiful she is. But you, yeah, you are one beautiful baby. Daddy agrees in case you are wondering.

So where were we? Oh, right, we left off at 5 months...well, six months is great. This past month you learned to sit up, which makes a HUGE difference. You can play with us, with toys, with my blackberry. You love my blackberry. I worry that I am too obsessive about work and am on that damn blackberry too much. So I try to act easy-breezy and let you gum it or play with it if you want. And you know what? It works. You love to play with it, and it is a reminder that work comes after you on the priority scale. So I like to let you grasp it, push the buttons, suck on it...drop it. It gives me tangible proof that you mean way more to me than anything work related ever could. It is reassuring when you play with it, like proof that I will never let you feel neglected because of work.

Having a Kid has Made Me Weird. Hasn't it?

We have been having so much fun with you. You are all smiles and laughter all the time. You are peaches and cream embodied. Your dad has asked me several times in hushed tones if it is normal love you so much that he wants to actually bite you. And I answer, "Yes" I want to bite you too.

You have been eating all different vegetables and fruits. You love anything we give you. We weren't going to start you on fruits so soon, but you got constipated and in a panic, I gave you some apple juice and prunes. (I don't want to relive the nightmare that was created by this rookie mistake of overreaction to the constipation, so let's just block it out and pretend it never happened. Except to say, it was decidedly NOT peaches and cream).

This has been a wonderful month. You are older and more aware, more playful. More fun. We have loved being with you always, but this month it appears that you feel the same way. Particularly about daddy. If daddy is in the room, you are focused on him. Always looking to him, for him. Smiling, laughing, flirting with him. You are all about daddy. Except for the morning. In the morning, if it's daddy peering over the crib rail, you lose it. You are seriously pissed if you don't see me.

And secretly, that makes me feel good...

I love you Buddha baby,




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