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Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Greatest Day

It is amazing that I am still standing after this past week. If ever I was moved to find a volcano to throw myself in and end it all, it would have been this past week. Just one of those awful, cry on your way to work, anxiety all day, crawl into bed when you get home weeks. God, my husband is lucky to have me!

But then, Sunday came. Oh, glorious Sunday. We slept in, which is becoming more and more rare as life hurtles us forward at break neck speed. So around 11 am we both shook off the grogginess and in no particular rush, got ready for the day. The no rushing part was quite unexpected by my husband as I am in a constant state of rushing, no matter where we are, what we are doing or how much time to we have to do it in. For me, it really is the basic principle of rush or die. But not Sunday, and I sensed my husband's gratitude and heard his heart beat a little fast for me at the prospect of not hauling ass out the door.

So we rolled downstairs and decided to go to Springdale Farm and get some pumpkins and fall decorations for the house. Springdale Farm is great, and quaint, and relaxing...pretty much the antithesis of the supermarket rush. And it was perfect for a lazy Sunday outing. We are so suburban you want to puke right? I know, so do I. But bear with me.

So we got two huge pumpkins and four more of varying sizes, and some gordes and whatnot (I say "whatnot" to cover up the fact that I am not well versed in what all the different fall vegetables and plants are). Then we went to the bakery and got some fresh pumpkin cream cheese pie as they were out of the pumpkin spice muffins my husband loves so much. The pie was fresh and warm, and so was the blueberry crumb muffin we couldn't resist. Am I painting it too Martha Stewart for you? Spare me...I deserve my God Damn wedded bliss as much as the next person so back off...that's right, I said it. BACK OFF BRO. But I digress...

Upon checkout, we realized we spent approximately $80 on pumpkins...they charge by the pound apparently...who knew? The suburb life don't come cheap. Que Sera Sera...we were having a good time. Did I mention it was GLORIOUS?

Then we came home and relaxed a little, loved each other a little. Talked about how our new house is just now starting to feel like ours. We lit a scented pumpkin spice candle and teh house was toasty on this crisp sunny day. It was GLORIOUS! A blue bird actually landed on my shoulder and told me how lovely a couple we were (ok, I made that up, but you get the point)

And then my husband performed the greatest feat ever accomplished...HE HOOKED UP OUR TiVo (which has been sitting on top of the TV unhooked up since we moved, just taunting me, crying out to me, begging me, pleading with me to be wanted again)...and he HOOKED UP THE STEREO, DVD, VCR, AND CABLE as one integrated unit. THERE IS A GOD, GLORY HALLEHLUHIA! We are back to the land of TiVo (aka, the greatest invention of all time, ever.)

It took him almost a year, but my husband finally did it, finally tackled the his fear of electronics. The Ellen show is once again, mine for the viewing.

I FELT LIKE OPRAH AND HE WAS MY STEADMAN. Except, you know, we're not wealthy, or even mildly rich, I don't have a TV show and neither of us is African American. But for that one Sunday, Life was Perfect. Eat your Heart Out OPRAH!

And may I be the first to welcome back our old friend, TiVo. My, have we missed you!


Blogger undercover celebrity said...

Perhaps an untintended consequence of this post, but it completely made me want to get married. It sounds like so much fun.

Your husband sounds like a doll -- I'm pretty sure that Mark (the boyfriend) would not be so inclined to go pumpkin shopping. Is that something that comes with marriage?

...and the pumpkin cheesecake pie... Lord have mercy! I think I just gained five pounds thinking about it.

11:54 AM  
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