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Monday, July 09, 2007

The Day the Sun Exploded

It is ninety seven degrees outside. 97. Three degrees shy of 100 degrees. Am I the only one that thinks if it is going to be 97 degrees we might as well just go for 100? I mean we are so close, why not just go for it?

Also, there is this:

Apparently, my new office is situated across the hall from the WORKOUT ROOM! Do you think they are trying to tell me something? Well I'll show them. I will go into the workout room everyday at 4, sit on the bike, and watch Oprah on the flat screen tv...Now whose laughing?!?!

Lastly, I just got an email saying that snack machine won't be hooked up until Friday. Do they not realize I am 32 weeks pregnant? The snack machine is pretty much all I have going for me at this point. What am I supposed to do?

I am seriously rethinking the whole "work right up and until the baby is born" thing. I mean, I was willing to try, but you gotta meet me half way here people. Can I get a Baby Ruth at least?


Blogger undercover celebrity said...

It's 97 degrees before noon?!! Lord. Have. Mercy.

I love your innovative use of the workout room! :)

12:04 PM  
Blogger Clearlykels said...

That is too hot for a pregnant lady... and then there is no candy. That is just not right.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Jules said...

Oh, man, it's been 97 by 8 in the morning here! Of course, I can't remember it being that uncomfortable when I was pregnant. Stay inside and stay cool! :)

5:14 PM  
Blogger KidKate said...

Am beginning to doubt the wisdom of working while pregnant, period, since my mind is basically mush and they still expect me to, you know, produce at work. Me: "Hungry. Have to pee. Bloating! Oh, hungry again. Huh, did you say something?"

2:34 PM  

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