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Friday, October 28, 2005

I know where you can put that stacked loafer sir...

I have the type of job where I have to wear a suit everyday. Truth be told, I don't mind...I like a sharp suit, I think they look good on women. Days I am in the office all day, I wear a pant suit, and go with a pretty mary jane, or stacked loafer, maybe something a little flashy, like my green suede ballet flats. But on days I have to go to court or out to a meeting, I usually wear my "tall shoes". I am only 5 feet high and so when I have to make an appearance in court, I try to look as tall as possible and this means wearing high heels. And as any woman knows these types of shoes are more often than not, not comfortable. Therefore, like many women, I choose fashion over comfort on days when I have an event of some type at work and suffer through the pain; because lets face it...looking the part is half the battle. So for those of you (read: Men) who do not realize that I prefer not to wear my toe numbing heels just for laughs....

If you know you are going to cancel a meeting/court date/event that is requiring me to wear the aforementioned uncomfortable shoes, please let me know the day before so that I am not forced to walk around in pain all day FOR NO REASON. Not to do so would be rude and quite frankly, a tad misogynistic. So the next time you whimsically change your mind at the last minute and decide that you don't feel like presenting that motion after all, do me a favor and bend over. Because I would like to show you the intricate stitching detail on my new Charles David black heels. And then we can bond over how uncomfortable they are together.


Blogger undercover celebrity said...

Once again I find myself dying laughing... but what a way to go.

I'm short too -- though I seem to have two inches on you. Victory! I am not as bold, though, as to wear flats. I'm pretty much in heels all the time. The other day I was at Mark's and took of my shoes -- we were standing side by side and he was truly astonished at how short I am. ...mind you that we've been dating for well over a year. Oh well. Forget my height, but remember my birthday... that's what I always say. :)

ps - I covet your Charles Davids :)

6:03 PM  
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