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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Dear God,

Thank you for sending her to us.

He is already the Father I knew he would be only hours into parenthood.

She has beautiful eyes...Just like her Dad. She also loves to sleep, Just like her Dad

Ready to leave the Hospital and Go Home!

My whole world sitting in a rocking chair on my front porch, together.

PS: Sorry for not updating. It has been beyond exhausting!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

She Finally Came!

She came on September 10th at 11:34 pm weighing in at 7lbs 4ozs and measuring 18 1/2 inches long.
She is beautiful.

She is the greatest gift I have ever received...

I will post more later (with pics) when we get home on Friday.

We can't believe it's not BUTTERman!

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Little Britney and A Little Butterman

I used to love Britney Spears. And although I am on board with the rest of the country in thinking she is a total train wreck, the 22 year old buried deep inside me was rooting for her last night. I wanted her to pull it off. Truly, I did.

Clearly no comeback is going to occur.

On a good note, I think the horror of her performance sent me into pre-labor! Today, I had a sign of impending labor (it is a gross sign that I will not discuss, but a sign that made me call my husband who was pulling out of our driveway for work and tell him to come look. He did, and he was thoroughly disgusted) (for those of you who have been preggo, you can probably guess what happened this morning. For those of you who have yet to experience pregnancy in all of it's glory, better not to tell: no one told me until it was too late!). Let's just say that I know I have dialated at least a little! YAY me, and THANK YOU BRITNEY!

Today I go for an ultrasound to check on amniotic fluid. If it's low, we will talk turkey. If not, I will have a complete meltdown in the doctor's office tomorrow at my appointment, and it will not be pretty. Much like Britney's performance at the VMA's.

See how I brought that around full circle?

Friday, September 07, 2007

Rushing Out the Door for Work

I finally stopped going into the office as of last Friday. Notice I didn't say that I stopped working, only going in to the actual building in the big city. I am still working, just now, I am doing it in my underwear and night shirt in the comfort of my home office, while the View plays in the background!

I took last Friday off because it was my birthday. My husband had it off because, well because he has the best job ever and they have days that aren't even holiday's off. Days off just because they are ADJACENT TO HOLIDAYS on the calendar. So we ended up spending Friday through Tuesday (which he took off to be with know, back when we thought our baby was actually going to come when they said it would...) together non-stop.

The weekend was uncomfortable, but fun nonetheless. We did think the baby would come, but it didn't happen. We were anxious all weekend, but in good spirits for the most part. On Tuesday, my due date, I had a doctor's appointment. The one where they said nothing was happening, and they wouldn't induce me, you remember? Right?

As we left the doctor, dejected and miserable, I could sense the immense shift in our collective mood regarding the baby. It was a rough night, and we were both cranky. I could tell it was hard on him too. He has been doing everything around the house. ALL the cooking, ALL the cleaning. The kid helps me put on socks for the love of everything holy...he gets me drinks and basically waits on me at this point, so painful it is in the pelvis for me to move!

On Wednesday, he had to go back to work.

Let me say this: Since we have been together, our morning routine has consisted of a 30 minute process of getting him to get out of bed. EVERY. DAMN. MORNING. I mean, the number of times I have heard "five more minutes?" would drive the average person insane.

But Wednesday. On Wednesday, this man shot out of bed, got showered and dressed and practically skipped out the door, so happy was he to be getting away from it all. (and by "it" I mean me, at 40 weeks and counting, pregnant).

You know what? I wasn't even mad. I WAS JEALOUS!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Nursery

Butterman's Room: A Pictorial

This is the door to Butterman's room. I wanted to get a sign that said "you wake him, you take him" but we don't know if its a boy yet so my husband wouldn't let me...

This is obviously the doorway. I warn you now, take a breath and suck in, because there is not alot of room in here! Butterman unfortunately is the victim of an old house...small rooms...

Anyway, the crib is Pottery Barn via Craig's List, as you may remember...And the color isn't really coming across right, it is more of a honeydew.

I love this rocker! Also a Pottery Barn find on Craig's List! Notice the blue and pink lampshades (again, despite my positive feeling that Butterman is a boy, my husband insists on keeping our options open...)

Closet door. I love all the bath towels and receiving blankets! Aren't baby things adorable?

The changing table, another Pottery Barn find on Craig's List. I feel like I have conquered the evil empire of Pottery Barn, it feels like I am STEALING from them, even. And it feels GOOD TO STEAL FROM POTTERY BARN!

Inside the crib. Guess who bought the baby a soccer ball? I can take credit for the Boppy and the little lambs...I can't wait for this baby! What do you think of the Green check and toile bedding? neutral enough?

I love that we have window seats in all the bedrooms! It almost makes up for the tiny rooms themselves! Once we know the gender of the baby, we are going to get curtains a rug and a pad for the window seat. Pink for a girl, Blue for a boy. Don't tell my husband, but I already have the blue patterns picked out!

Finally, we are prepared to bring baby home...Pink or Blue...

This all assumes that Butterman decides to come out. But the doctor did assure me that she has never seen a pregnant woman who didn't deliver the baby! So I have that consolation.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

D Day

The first lesson I am going to teach this child is punctuality. When you make an appointment to meet someone, you should be ON TIME! I don't care what your father says, or how late he is to each and every appointment.


The due date is a cruel joke that they play on pregnant women. I realize that they tell you it is a rough estimate, but I defy any woman not to hang her hat on that date. I was a happily pregnant (except for the month of July) until September 4th came and went. Now, it is a whole new ball game.

I did my time. I paid in full. I am owed one baby please, and I have come to collect. Let's settle up here already!

Last night at the doctor's office, I asked her to check and see if anything was happening. In retrospect, not knowing would have been better. Nothing. No dialation, no effacement (I don't even know what effaced means, but it didn't seem a positive thing that I hadn't done it). I calmly explained that I was no longer willing to be pregnant, so could you please let me know my options.

Apparently, I am no longer a citizen of AMERICA. Because I have no options. I am a prisoner! They will not induce unless medically necessary for a minimum of a week. AND EVEN THEN they will only induce if your ultrasound shows low amniotic fluid. If your fluid is fine THEY LET YOU GO ALMOST ANOTHER WEEK! Excuse me, but I thought this was a free country...what are we fighting for if not the freedom to induce labor?

To my credit, I explained CALMLY that really wasn't going to work for me. I would like to have the baby on Thursday morning so that I could be home by Saturday morning. That way, I could coordinate the cleaning person (who comes on Thursday afternoon) with the barrage of company I will surely get once I bring home Butterman! The house will look great, my husband won't have much to do at home to prepare for us, and the company can walk on clean floors and use clean bathrooms on the WEEKEND! The timing would be excellent!

That sounds reasonable doesn't it?


Are you sure?

Yeah, they didn't think my explanation was good either.


We apparently stood firmly within the bounds of their inducement policy. What good is this law degree if I can't sue someone for this?